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Nothing Wrong With This Rescued Dog. But Wait Until You See His X-Rays Result.

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Employees of One Tail At A Time in the Lincoln Square area of Chicago, thought this around 6 years-old dog named Porkchop to be relatively healthy. The case looked great and everything appears fine in the beginning. However when his foster mommy took him to the vet for some urinary tract issues that she realized just exactly what nightmare Porkchop had actually endured.

More than 50 BBs were found lodged inside Porkchop's abdomen, from where he was shot repeatedly. No one knew this dog had experience such abuse. He came to the shelter after wandering the streets since his owner died. He was a loving, resilient dog. Luckily, the BBs didn't do any fatal damage and didn't need to be removed from his stomach. The shelter thinks that Porkchop will find his forever home by the end of the week... But they are hoping that his story of terrible abuse will encourage people to donate to shelters. There are so many mistreated dogs like Porkchop who just need love.

Let’s saved Porkchop by making a donationĀ to the Chicago One Tail At A Time shelter that he was being taken care of. For further details and information, yo can see thisĀ contribution page.

Animals need loving homes and loving people, there are many of them out there. Help them find a for life household!